When I was first introduced to the new Tupperware 20 years ago, my first thought was….WOW..Tupperware is on the Cutting Edge!  I saw that they had  products that work in today’s world, alongside busy lives and keep up with the demand of young families…YES That is  CUTTING EDGE!  When choosing a name for your unit, think of what Tupperware means to you, and the type of business you see yourself building.  A unit name describes you, and your unit members.

Why the Hummingbird?

What is it about the Hummingbird that made us choose him for our mascot?  Looking at the Hummingbird, its ability to be everywhere quickly, tirelessly (with great effort and energy) it reminded me of what we do in building a strong growing business.  This beautiful  bird changes our lives and makes it’s community a more beautiful place.