Why did we decide to make a Web Site for “Cutting Edge”? Our mission is to help build large strong independent business’s brought the need for this web site.

Find us easily:   www.cuttingedgetw.com

I am glad to announce, the day has arrived.  You will find in here our weekly activities, our calendar of events, and all things to pertaining to our business.

We were using Facebook to announce events, and our calendar. It would get lost in the daily updates.  You will now have one central place where you can find what you need easily.

This will give us at our fingertips the tools we need for dating parties, recruiting and stepping up.  Dating parties is what we do for a living.  Recruiting is what we do to bless someone else, and build our teams.  Stepping up is taking the next step in our business.

There is a place on this web site for you to make suggestions on what you want on your web page and ask questions. We are still building the site to become more and more what we want it to be.